Big Huhnks Excavation, Inc. Reviews

Responsive, personable, fast, efficient, thorough, and attentive.

Bruce W.

Unlike another contractor in town, they answer their phone. Good quick service and friendly drivers.

Myron B.

The people at Big Huhnks were great in assisting me with a landscaping project. They treated me like I was their biggest buyer rather than a homeowner spending a couple hundred bucks. Fast delivery and good prices.


Excellent - Every time! We have used Big Huhnks several times. Every time they have done work - big or small - they are quick and professional. In every encounter they show their professionalism. We will continue to use them. If there is any issue, they are quick to resolve it. They are willing to answer any questions you have (even if they might be silly questions - I don't know a thing about construction). Rest assured they know what they are doing. Stellar performance! Keep it up!

Courtney G.

Big Huhnks is a great company. They are friendly, experienced, and hard working.

Randi D

I love big hunks. Great for gravel delivery, awesome gravel and rock selection, cheap prices for concrete disposal, and they have a very friendly and knowledge able staff. Whoever gave them one star is a mean person who needs to do something better with their time.


These guys are great! Have done a French drain for me and I have bought my flagstone from them. Good customer service and pricing.

Sarah E

This company really knows there stuff, I would recommend them and DO, to everyone I know.

Kimberley B

This company does great work, is super friendly and seems to have a ton of knowledge and experience. They work hard and fast.

Jim S

Ordered some rock through Tara for my fire pit and for below my cabin deck and the amount needed was calculated accurately. Cody made the delivery and I was impressed with their customer service and professionalism. Two weeks later I stopped in at their location and the owner loaded my pickup with the precise amount of rock I needed. Great looking yard and operation. I've been very impressed with the service I have received and have become a loyal customer.

Jinny J

I bought beautiful flagstone for my garden. It turned out fantastic! Will be buying more, very reasonably priced!

Sarah E

Purchased groundcover. Large variety of choices and very helpful staff.

Carl Ann H

Very knowledgeable and very good at what they do. Very pleasurable working with them. Ben and Nate are a couple of great guys. As well as everyone else that works there.

Scott H

Great family service, very friendly and helpful.

Darren D.

Good people fair prices. Easy to do business with.

Edward Y.

We contacted Big Huhnks for access to a new property. They practically dropped everything to get it done! Highly recommend! And easy to work with!

Madeline P.

Exceptional attention to detail. Project completion is thorough. Great company.

James R.

Big Huhnks did a great job w/foundation, septic system, sewer installation and grading at my new home in Sherman Hills. Nate Huhnk has developed an excellent excavation business in Laramie. His crew is "top notch" and Blaine Smith is an excellent field and equipment operator. These guys just come to job site ready to work and get after it until completed.

I highly recommend Big Huhnks for any of your excavation needs including septic installation.

Calvin N.

Very professional. Give 110 percent. Complete projects on timely matter. Come out to job sights before they start so know what they need and so customer knows what they are going to do. They take time to talk with the customers. They are the best

Eileen H.

These folks have a good variety of landscape rock, boulders, and flagstone available. They are knowledgeable about their products and deliver when they say they will.

Daniel M.

I own a landscaping business in Laramie and Big Huhnks is hands down the best supplier of materials that I use. The materials are high quality and reasonably priced. Every person out there is extremely helpful when it comes to picking the right product as well as helping figure out proper quantities. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Andrew W.

We do a lot of work with Big Huhnks. They are always so great to work with! We use them for our landscape material, and they always have what we need. If there is something special we need, they always go out of their way to help us out! We highly recommend them to anyone! They are great at communicating with us, helping us to deliver materials to the job site, as well as help us with our excavation needs! If you are looking for a professional, courteous company, this is your company! As a local contractor, we can truly appreciate having them to work with!

Brian W.