Find a Commercial Excavation Service in Laramie, WY

Find a Commercial Excavation Service in Laramie, WY

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Are you hunting for a full-service excavation company in the Laramie, Wyoming area? Look no further than Big Huhnks Excavation, Inc. We’ll exceed your expectations with the superior quality of our work. We’ve completed projects for the University of Wyoming and other major clients.

Why settle for second best? Trust the pros at Big Huhnks for your:

  • Property excavating and clearing
  • Foundation digging and slab prep
  • Septic system and utility trenching
  • Commercial demolition
  • Asphalt and concrete replacement
Call 307-721-8977 to request a free quote for our commercial excavation services.

Get commercial-grade paving work in Laramie, WY

Do you need a roadway or commercial-grade parking lot installed? Hire the pavement prep experts at Big Huhnks Excavation. Our pros know how to properly prep an area for long-lasting asphalt or concrete spaces. You'll be impressed by our work. Contact us today to learn more by calling 307-721-8977.