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Hire excavating services in the Laramie, Wyoming area

Big Huhnks Excavation, Inc. is a trusted excavation contractor and landscape supply distributor located in Laramie, Wyoming. Our company is trusted by homeowners, business owners and landscaping companies throughout the region. We're the outdoor pros you can count on for your next outdoor project.

Residential and commercial excavations

Big Huhnks Excavation started out as a residential & commercial excavation company. In the 13 years since our founding, we've completed tons of digging and site preparation projects in the region around Laramie, Wyoming. We've completed small jobs for homeowners and major projects for the University of Wyoming. You can count on us for your:
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Landscape supply sales in the Laramie, WY area

Big Huhnks Excavation sells and delivers landscape supplies to homeowners, business owners and landscaping companies in Laramie, WY and the surrounding region. We carry nearly 60 different products. We can deliver a bucket of dirt or a semi load of material to you. Come to us for your:
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